Jan 20,2020

North Shore Health Hub Name the Crane Competition

"It was a pleasure to take some time out and put a smile on the sick kids’ faces." Vincent Bertolli, Roberts Pizzarotti crane driver

Our North Shore Health Hub project has wrapped up its Name the Crane Competition with Dexus and the Royal North Shore Hospital Children’s Ward.

At the prize giving ceremony the kids drove the tower crane remotely via the crane radio.

Roberts Pizzarotti crane driver, Vincent Bertolli, taught our young recruits the tower crane lingo ‘slewing’, ‘hook up’ and ‘trolley’ and played a game of who could land the crane hook closest to the bin.

It was a pleasure to take some time out and put a smile on the sick kids’ faces.

A special thank you to Kerry Crannis who runs the play centre in the Children’s Ward and a big congratulations to our winners and runners up.

Winner: Tom, age 6, named the crane ‘Pick Up’ – because it picks stuff up!
Runner Up: Destiny, age 4, named the crane ‘The Munun Crane’ – Munun means big in Destiny’s indigenous language.

Winner: Abdullah, age 11, named the crane ‘Heal Wipe Away Tears’ – he wants the crane to build more wards to heal sick children and to wipe away the tears he saw rolling down the kids’ cheeks.
Runner Up: Zane, age 8, who named the crane ‘The Sporty Crane’.

Winner: Kester, age 6, is a crane enthusiast and very interested in all things construction.