Feb 02,2023

Introducing Roberts Co’s new CEO, Matt Bourne

"Diversity, wellness and the continued push for a 5-day work week across the industry are close to my heart and what I believe to be critical factors to ensure the long-term success of not only Roberts Co, but our sector nation-wide" Matt Bourne, CEO

We are excited to formally welcome our new CEO at Roberts Co, Matt Bourne.

A relationship driven leader, Matt is passionate about the future of construction. Specifically diversity, wellness, technology and ensuring the growth of all those around him.

Matt recently sat down with Paul Angus on the Talking Buildings podcast. Tune in at the following link to hear him speak openly about his career journey to date and what influences and inspires him to succeed.

Link here to the Talking Buildings Podcast featuring CEO, Matt Bourne.


Learn more at the following news article: Welcoming Matt Bourne, Incoming CEO in 2023.