Sep 23,2021

Engineering Positive Partnerships

"The scale of this project, and its prominent location at the entrance to Sydney Airport, is set to position the hotel as an icon for the Moxy brand in Asia Pacific." Richard Crawford, Senior Director, Marriott International, Hotel Development Australia, New Zealand and Pacific

Roberts Co have recently partnered with Engineers Australia with a commitment to build a Chartered engineering workforce.

“Chartered status is a great demonstration of an engineer’s professionalism and competency. I applaud Roberts Co’s commitment to assessing their entire engineering workforce against globally recognised engineering standards’, Dr Bronwyn Evans AM, CEO, Engineers Australia.

“With a shared vision, it’s a pleasure to partner with Engineers Australia to credential our engineers. We believe that engineers perform such a crucial role in the building process that they need to be competent to the highest standards.” Alison Mirams, CEO, Roberts Co.