Jun 23,2021

Delivering Projects with Positive Social Impacts

“Since 2005 I've worked exclusively on social infrastructure projects. I enjoy the complexity of working in live environments and interfacing with multiple stakeholders.” Allan Young, Project Manager

Roberts Co Project Manager, Allan Young, has a strong desire to deliver projects that have a positive social impact on the communities they are in.

Allan recently completed the North Shore Health Hub project for Dexus, where he was responsible for delivering a new state-of-the-art health facility within an operational, high risk health campus. Allan excelled in the staging, planning and stakeholder management aspects, ensuring that the works were carried out safely and with minimal disruption to the operation of the existing facilities.

With broad construction experience, strong subcontractor and supply chain relationships, and a mindset to think differently, Allan always ensures a project is delivered successfully for the client and the local community. Given his specialisation in publicly funded projects, Allan has a deep understanding of probity and governance requirements and the focus on risk management that these projects require.

Allan’s communication is clear, open and honest, working collaboratively with the broader project team to provide innovative solutions to traditional construction problems.