Sep 27,2023

CSL’s Global Headquarters – Building A World Class Pharmaceutical Facility

"A special mention for Patrick Hickey and his specialised laboratory and pharmaceutical team from Monaco Hickey, A Division of Roberts Co, who will continue to focus on these projects into the future." Matt Bourne, CEO

Roberts Co, along with Monaco Hickey, A Division of Roberts Co are proud to have completed construction and the integrated fit out for CSL’s new Global Headquarters and Centre for R&D, officially opened last month.

As part of PDG’s Elizabeth North development, the 18-storey, world-class facility includes:

– Seven floors of world-class medical research laboratories, supporting the development of ground-breaking medicines for patients across the globe.

– A clinical production suite, where therapies for first-in-human clinical trials will be created.

– Two levels allocated to the Jumar Bioincubator, offering space for up to 40 Australian Biotech start-ups to process the commercialisation of their research.

– Four levels of dedicated open-plan office spaces housing more than 850 dedicated professionals at the forefront of medical research.

Following video produced by CSL.