Oct 07,2020

Constructing You Podcast: Interview with Alison Mirams

"I’ve had the most amazing life experiences through working on construction sites. We are trying to show that to young girls coming through now." Alison Mirams, CEO

Alison Mirams recently joined Elinor Moshe on her Constructing You podcast to talk about her journey in the construction industry including the challenges and the many successes.

“On Zurich Tower we’ve had Sydney Girls High and Willoughby Girls High come in and spend time on site. When they’ve been on site, we’ve had talks from an architect, a structural engineer, a project engineer, our site engineer, our New Business Manager, our CFO and myself – all females, to say there is a huge amount of careers under the construction banner.”


Listen to the full podcast here: https://lnkd.in/gtqHH4W