Sep 09,2021

Changing Culture in Construction would Save $8 Billion

"There is no increase in cost to build five days a week over six days because I know we’ve got increased productivity and we’re not adding any time." Alison Mirams, CEO

Changing culture in construction would save $8 billion.

“NSW and Victoria will require tenderers on infrastructure projects to sign up to five-day work weeks, promote diversity and work-life balance to overcome the industry’s skills shortage and cut $8 billion in costs each year due to injury, mental health, suicide and higher-than-average death rates” writes Michael Bleby of The Australian Financial Review.

“Work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses in 2018 cost $6.1 billion, the productivity cost of employees consistently working overtime was $708 million, mental ill-health cost $643 million and the estimated costs of construction worker suicides were $533 million, the report shows.”

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