May 18,2020

ABC Radio Interview – Trial of 5-day Work Week for Construction Workers

“We are getting higher productivity from the workers Monday to Friday” Alison Mirams, CEO

Roberts Pizzarotti CEO, Alison Mirams, was recently invited to speak on the ABC Radio Australia program, Focus with Cassie McCullagh. This episode followed on from an intriguing discussion around a 4-day work week for business workers in New Zealand on the previous weeks show.

In the interview, Alison shares her views on the 5-day work week in construction, alongside Dr Natalie Galea from the Australian Human Rights Institute who is currently undertaking a research study with UNSW on the effectiveness of the 5-day work week and its impact on the industry and more importantly, the people in our industry.

We encourage everyone to listen to the full show to also hear from Brad Parker from MATES in Construction: