Mar 08,2023

International Women’s Day – Roberts Co’s Approach to IQ + EQ + DQ

"Decency is applied to everything we do."

We are proud of the initiatives we have implemented to continue improving the lives of both women and men across our industry, with two core focuses:

– to act with decency; and
– to work Monday to Friday and give a weekend to every worker.

At Roberts Co, we focus on IQ + EQ + DQ.

You can have high emotional intelligence and still not treat people with decency. Your emotional intelligence just makes you aware that you’re not treating people with decency. But if you have high DQ – your Decency Quotient, you will ultimately focus on treating people with decency.

Decency is applied to everything we do.

When we employ into pay bands regardless of current salary.

When we consciously close the gender pay gap by promoting women before they go on parental leave, paying superannuation and reviewing salary whilst on parental leave.

Why we have male and female toilets and breastfeeding rooms on our sites.

Why we have implemented paid parental leave up to 18 weeks for mothers and fathers.

When we champion change for a 5-day work week, improving the wellbeing of not only our workers and subcontractors, but also their partners and families.

Why we implemented a formal sponsorship program by Cultivate, so female staff are given the best opportunity to move into leadership positions.

Why we launched our Site Scholarship for Women, supporting long term careers for women who are working or looking to work on site.

We would like to thank all of the women who applied for the Roberts Co Site Scholarship for Women and congratulate Ellie Hodges for being awarded with our first scholarship this week!