01 History

100% Australian

Roberts Co is a 100% Australian owned, boutique tier-one construction company.

In Australia, the Roberts family name is synonymous with the construction and property sector.

A rich family heritage

Drawing upon decades of experience in construction contracting and a rich family heritage in the industry, it was almost five years ago that Australian entrepreneur, Andrew Roberts, formed Roberts Pizzarotti in partnership with the Italian construction company, Impresa Pizzarotti.


In joint venture with Italian family-owned construction group Impresa Pizzarotti, Andrew Roberts launched Roberts Pizzarotti.

The 50/50 private funded joint venture between the two families focused on commercial construction contracts from airports to health, leisure, tourism and hotel projects as well as multi-density high-rise residential developments in Sydney.


In 2021, the next stage of the organisation’s strategic plan was revealed with the consolidation of its international businesses into a single branded entity – Roberts Co – headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Roberts Co is now 100% Australian owned by the Roberts Co Group, a privately owned construction and development business of Andrew Roberts.

The team continues to grow and be excited by the vision to drive positive change in the Australian construction industry and to ‘build a better way’.

Build a better way

Led by Chief Executive Officer Alison Mirams, Roberts Co delivers unsurpassed local knowledge, a highly experienced team and a commitment to innovation.

The Roberts Co company ethos is built on trust, integrity and working as a client partner to deliver successful projects. Roberts Co is currently only Sydney based and employ 140 employees, working on six projects with a total workbook of over $1B.