02 Health & Wellbeing


Safety is an essential component of everything we do at Roberts Co and we approach it holistically; going beyond process and procedures and focusing on hearts and minds. 

At the core of our approach is a genuine care for the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of every member of the Roberts Co family and our essential partners.

Safety management and operational excellence are inextricably linked, and this is at the core of our approach to planning and delivering projects.

We begin by looking inward and challenging the status quo. Prioritising and nurturing the positive health and wellbeing of our team means they’re energised and excited to work on projects, which means they’re better equipped to deliver exceptional work.

We’re focused on fostering a true five-day work week; an environment where team members are encouraged to be more productive with less hours. Our staff aren’t rewarded or valued for hours logged; presenteeism isn’t a badge of honour here, it’s value that counts.

Safety is a precondition of everything we do at Roberts Co and safety doesn’t stop at work. Our view is if we engage hearts and minds in safety, the safety culture will translate from business into homes through each individual.

Every member of our team undergoes mental health first-aid training so that team members can be proactive when it comes to recognising warning signs in their colleagues and themselves.

We make it our mission to make space for the wealth of female talent around us and ensure our systems are set up with inclusion and safety in mind.

Project 5: A Weekend for Every Worker

As a leader in the construction industry, Roberts Co are committed to driving cultural change that can lead to a healthier, safer and more sustainable construction sector.

The Project 5 research project was carried out by UNSW Australian Human Rights Institute, commissioned by Roberts Co and Health Infrastructure. It studied the effects of implementing a 5-day programme on the $341 million Concord Hospital Redevelopment.

The findings of the Project 5 study, released in May 2022, highlight the positive social benefits of innovating as a sector to improve the work life balance of workers, while ensuring economic viability in delivering our projects.

Introducing a five day work week culture would strengthen the long-term sustainability of the sector and support female participation in a male dominated industry.

Learn more about Project 5 and read the report here.