About Us

Building a better way

Roberts Co is a 100% Australian-owned, privately held company committed to driving positive change in the Australian construction industry. We exist to do good, not just make good. To look forward. To innovate. To push. To lead. To change.

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About our approach

We offer the the strength and stability of any tier one construction company, with a fresh, modern approach and commitment to innovation unlike any other. Our solid base is a launching pad to the future. We invest our time in looking up and out - thinking about where we’re going and constantly moving forward and bringing the industry along for the ride.

Champions of change

Implementing positive initiatives to encourage more people to the industry, increase diversity and enhance the health and wellbeing of our workforce and their families.

Learn more about the industry-first 5-day work week.

Local knowledge combined with an innovative approach

Unsurpassed local knowledge, a highly experienced team and a commitment to innovation, means we’re not bound by the rules of the past - we’re forging ahead and changing the game.

In safe hands

Safety is an essential precondition of everything we do at Roberts Co. It’s about more than ticking boxes; it’s a genuine care for the whole person - physically, emotionally and mentally.

Safety management and operational excellence are inextricably linked, and this is at the core of our approach and inherent in everything we do.


Our values are an expression of what is important to us. They guide how we behave at work in order to achieve our goal of building a better way.

Empowered People

Strong leadership is in place at Roberts Co, but our flat structure gives everyone a voice. We believe in empowering our team to be the best they can be - exceptional ideas are encouraged and supported no matter who they come from.

Working Smarter

We’re concerned with getting things done right and making a difference. We seek teams of diverse thinkers and pivot as needed to increase value and efficiency. We embrace technology and use it to improve our projects, our productivity and our work/life balance.

Relationship Driven

We build relationships as well as projects, fostering true partnerships that stand the test of time. We respect the expertise of our colleagues, clients, subcontractors and consultants because we know it takes a team to build a project.

Creating Value

We take our work personally and will always offer design smarts to enhance our clients' results. We’re creative thinkers and problem solvers, determined to deliver solutions, not excuses.

How we deliver

Dream team

Our people are the best in the industry, with outstanding design and delivery capabilities. We know that having a team filled with balanced ideas, experiences and skill sets, along with a broad spectrum of genders, ages and opinions, is a necessity, not a luxury.

Design, elevated

We invest heavily in design at Roberts Co and this shows in the calibre of in-house design managers we employ. Our design team takes the time to understand every detail, and know how to take projects from good to great. Our strong focus on design saves clients time and money and enables projects to run smoothly, avoiding unnecessary hazards along the way.

Client focus

We build relationships as well as projects, fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and genuine friendships built along the way. We work with good people doing great things and approach every interaction with authenticity and a commitment to doing what we say we will.

Innovative tech

We’re committed to deploying and developing the best technology so our teams have access to real time reporting and project insights. This means our team and our essential partners can spend more time solving construction challenges and less time entering data.

Essential partners

We’ve developed trusted relationships, built up over decades, with the highly valued subcontractors that have become an extension of the Roberts Co family. We’re straightforward and fair in our dealings and have an uncompromising approach to quality and safety.

Monaco Hickey

Our expansion into Melbourne in April 2022 included the acquisition of Monaco Hickey, one of the few builders in Australia with the expertise required to construct world-class pharmaceutical facilities.

Since 1994, Monaco Hickey has earned an enviable reputation for successfully delivering highly technical and complex projects, with a focus on the health care, research, and pharmaceutical production sectors of the building industry.

Quality, safety and the environment are critically important to our entire team and we place a high emphasis on best practice quality management, safety and environmental management systems and procedures.

Director Patrick Hickey and his team are hands-on, experienced construction professionals who are well regarded in the industry for their ability to deliver projects of significant scope. This specialised team will continue to deliver complex laboratory research and clean room manufacturing facilities as part of Roberts Co.


At Roberts Co, we know that true sustainability is about more than just the environment. For us, it means a focus on people and the environment; nothing comes before the wellbeing of the individuals in our industry. We’re committed to being leaders in the ongoing pursuit for social sustainability through innovation, going beyond Green Star minimums and challenging assumptions about what’s needed to truly make our industry better. This pursuit is ingrained in our culture, and we’re committed to leading the charge in an industry that is in desperate need of a new way forward.

Our sustainability practices are focused on three core pillars:

Build responsibly

It is our commitment to prioritise sustainable design and construction process, for both people and the planet. Implementing innovative design concepts to improve resource efficiency and waste reduction in the construction and operation of our projects.

Enhancing communities

We aim to leave a positive legacy in the communities we operate in by minimising disruption, respecting the natural environment we’re building in, and leaving neighbourhoods better than when we arrived.

Protecting our people

We’re committed to protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of all people through safe practices, education, unmitigated respect and equality for all, and we’re passionate about ensuring gender equality and overall human rights within our industry.

We care about mental health and the impact that six day week working practices can have on it, and we’re challenging industry norms to create an approach to balance work and life that makes sense.

We’re making it easier for people to work in our industry, no matter their gender, by providing them with safe access to the facilities and environment needed to do their jobs.

Happiness matters, and when it is prioritised, productivity, job satisfaction, safety, and ultimately, results will come.

Leading Edge Technology

Having no legacy systems has been the greatest benefit of starting Roberts Co, having been able to deploy or develop the latest technology, all completely mobile. With all our technology mobile, our engineers and supervisors can spend more time on site being builders and less time offsite sitting in an office. It provides effective reporting for clients on the most important project - theirs. It’s our strong view that technology holds the key to improving work-life balance for our people and improving the career options for working parents.

Industry and supply chain

Relationship driven

Our relationships with local consultants and subcontractors goes back decades. We are known for being straightforward in our dealings, and working collaboratively to get the best result for our clients. We provide a fairer risk profile for our subcontractors which lowers the cost to operate in the supply chain. Respectful relationships lead to higher quality results and safer work sites - two things we will never compromise.

Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery is a serious crime. It impacts the rights of approximately 45 million people globally. All businesses have risk that they are linked to modern slavery, whether as a result of their operations or their supply chains, or both. In the construction industry globally and within Australia, there have been serious reports of modern slavery risk.

Roberts Co’s goal is to eliminate modern slavery in its operations and supply chains. We understand that achieving our goal will be a multi-year project and require all of us to work together to protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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